The Scoop on Cones: New York Ice Cream

Last updated July 13, 2011

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Welcome to the official guide to ice cream in New York City!

Come and join NYC’s ice cream social (network). Here’s the latest scoop!

  1. Bullet Scooponcones goes to Bulgaria! See photo galleries of Gelati and Confetti in Sofia

  2. Bullet Il Laboratorio del Gelato opening at 95 Orchard St.

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  4. Bullet Enter 3 Tarts flavor contest to win FREE ice cream!

  5. Bullet FREE after-show ice cream at Mama Mia Saturdays

  6. Bullet New review! Je & Jo

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  10. Bullet Scoutmob NYC interviews scooponcones!

  11. Bullet Link: NY Magazine picks NYC’s 16 best ice creams

  12. Bullet 365 Scoops makes us a one-of-a-kind treat!

  13. Bullet New opening: Screme Gelato cart in Verdi Square

  14. Bullet Updated review! Melt Bakery at the Highline

  15. Bullet Link: Schweddy Balls ice cream from Ben&Jerry’s?

  16. Bullet New review! It’s It at Pacific Standard

  17. Bullet VIDEO: Kitten licks invisible ice cream cone

We screamed.

Ice Cream of the Week

Manhattan Ice Cream Map

Click on the map to see our guide to ice cream in Manhattan. Each cone represents an independent review of an ice cream store!

Why we like it: We used to think cookie dough ice cream was one flavor, but Je & Jo showed us it is an infinite variety of flavors. And who doesn’t love the little wooden “spoons” that the ice cream is served with?

What to order: We loved the Cardamom ice cream and Snickerdoodle ice cream, which reminds us of Chai tea.

Where to find it: Je & Jo just opened a storefront in Hell’s Kitchen on 47th St., plus they have two tricycles with freezers to peddle their ice cream around town.

Find hours and location here

Best “Only in New York City” ice cream

This is New York City, baby. If you can make ice cream here, you can make it anywhere. Concrete jungles where ice cream is made of (that grammar always gets us). Yet some ice cream stands out from the crowded streets, makes you stand back and say, “Only in New York City...”

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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Where else can you get a proudly gay ice cream cone from a truck? And it’s not just a gimmick, one taste of the Salty Pimp (Vanilla Ice Cream, dulce de leche, sea salt and chocolate dip) will turn even the staunchest conservative.

Forty Carrots Ladies, this is Bloomies and the original Fro-yo. Must we call Carrie Bradshaw to explain? 

Dylan’s Candy Bar We’ve got a celebrity-by-proxy owner (Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren) and an outrageous set that’s straight out of Candy Land. Bring your toddler and endure the ensuing sugar high.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Want to try some great ice cream on New York City’s hottest new park? You’re in luck! We’ve created a Highline Ice Cream Crawl, so make some copies of the map, grab your friends and head to the West Side. The crawl features Van Leeuwen, Melt Bakery, People’s Pops, L’Arte del Gelato, La Newyorkina, Kelvin Natural Slush and Coolhaus. That’s gelato, ice pops, ice cream sandwiches and good old fashioned ice cream. You’re sure to discover a new favorite on the elevated rails. Try it and let us know what you think!

Nothing is better in summertime than corn on the cob on the grill — except ice cream, that is. So you can imagine our excitement to find a happy marriage of the two in Corn-flavored ice cream!

Shake Shack is featuring Sweet Corn ice cream on its July menu on Sundays only. Their custard is mild but with an

unmistakeable corn flavor.

We first tried Corn ice cream at Cones in the West Village, and for us it still reigns supreme. Cones’ Brazillian version has lots of kernels mashed in and a bolder flavor. Try it with cinnamon sprinkled on top (pictured left) and you’ll never think of corn the same way again.

Flavor watch: Corn

Shake Shack